Theta Type of Healing with Reiki 

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There are many ways for you to study the right ways for healing others and your own self. It would also depend to the healing methods that you want to follow and to get to know more. When you say about Fresno Reiki service, it means that someone will put his or her hands over your head or some parts of your body in order to start the healing method. The energy will flow from the hands of the one doing it going to the body of the client or your friends. Others may think that this unbelievable but for those who have a great faith when it comes to this service, then nothing is impossible.  


Another type of healing that is very popular to a lot of people is the theta. This one needs that person to be connected to the different sources of energy and it should be having a good way to communicate with the body and mind. The one that others like to have is the combination of the two. They believe that this could be a good way to increase the healing processes.  

There are some steps that you could actually try and make sure to follow them correctly so that you can get the one that you are dreaming of. If you are doing this one to one of your family members, then you need to tell them that they have to sit down correctly and prepare all the needed things and stuff there. At the same time, you need to do it to a place that is not noisy and there should be peace around the area. You have to focus your mind as well so that you can truly accept the good energy there.  

When your client is sitting now, you need to place yourself at the back of that person. This is the most important position that you have to do and make sure that you are going to do it appropriately. You need to tell your client to close his or her eyes as you will be connecting yourself to his or her body and get the necessary healing connection. This is just a way to scan the entire parts of the body and to know which part is not that stable. You need to remember that part as you will be doing other stuff later to get rid of this one.  

Before you go to the next step, you have to ask and get the permission of the client for the things that you are going to do. This is a good way to allow the good and the energy to follow you. You need to put your palm to the areas that it needs proper healing. You can do the Reiki type of healing now which will help the client to get away the bad feelings in the body. The last part here is by washing your hands and this is a good way to remove the bad energy that your palms got from that session 

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