How Often Should You Paint Your House?

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First impressions are crucial. It is safe to assume that the interior is well-maintained as well if the exterior of your house looks good. It is vital to improve or retain your home’s value over the years since it is one of your biggest investments. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, you still have to keep its curb appeal high by maintaining the exterior of your house properly.

One of the most common questions people ask painters is how often should they paint their house. Aside from improving its appearance, staining or painting your house helps extend its life. There are a couple of factors that can affect the frequency of painting your home. Today, we are going to share with you some factors that can affect the frequency of interior painting. Quality of Previous Paint Job

A high-quality paint job will last longer compared to one that uses cheap paint, is rushed, or cuts corners. There are 3 options that can improve your paint job’s life. This includes the number of coats applied, the color, and the type of paint.

  • Number of Coats

If you believe that a single coat is enough, you’re wrong. Applying 2-3 coats better protects your house from the elements and improves the life of the paint job.

  • Shade or Color

While the sun can bleach lighter paint shades, it isn’t as noticeable as darker shades that have a tendency to fade a lot faster.

  • Paint Quality

The paint quality that you utilize contributes to its longevity. Usually, the most durable, least likely to blister, crack or harden, and the most fade-resistant is acrylic paint.

Type of Material

  • Brick

A high-quality paint job on brick will usually last 10-25 years.

  • Cement Fiberboard Siding

If you have this type of material, you’ve got to repaint it every 15-20 years.

  • Stucco

This is a long-lasting and low-maintenance material that only has to be repainted every 10-15 years. Small touch-ups and repairs can be periodically performed to keep it looking good since it tends to crack as it settles.

  • Aluminum Siding

It might be time to paint if the aluminum siding of your house appears faded or chalky. It’s more affordable compared to replacing the siding. A high-quality paint job can last around 5-10 years.

Climate and Location

  • Rainy or Cold

You might have to repaint more often if you are located in a region that experiences frequent storms, windy ocean sprays, extreme humidity, or harsh winters. For instance, houses located near the coast need to be repainted more often.

  • Sunny and Dry

Your house is exposed to the rays of the sun regularly if you live in the southern part of the United States. Because of this, your home’s paint might fade and bubble. This is particularly true during the hot summer season. The UV rays from the sun can lead to the deterioration of the chemical compounds in the paint. This will lead to a faded and dull look over time. You’ll have to repaint your home as well.

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